Salazar and Ottman to hold Town Hall Meetings on Saturday

Senator Tim Salazar and Representative Pepper Ottman will hold three Town Hall Meetings in Fremont County on Saturday, December 3, in Dubois, Pavillion, and Riverton.

The first Town Hall Meeting is scheduled in Dubois from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. with Mayor John Meyer. The second meeting will be at the Pavillion Fire Hall from 12 Noon to 1:00 p.m. The final meeting that day will be at the Riverton Public Library, 1330 West Park Avenue, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Interim topic updates, Pre-2023 Session, and audience feedback/input are on the agenda for all three meetings.


“I have been having Town Hall Meetings since 2017”, Salazar said. “I’ve had six to seven Town Hall Meetings every year since entering the Legislature. The purpose of Town Hall Meetings is simple…to allow constituents to ask questions of their Senator and Representative during the year, near their homes. Since not everyone can come to Cheyenne during the session, we try and come to them.”

Salazar said that, besides being able to ask questions, Town Hall Meetings allow them to give the public Legislative updates on what happens during the Sessions, what is likely to be the major issues facing the upcoming Sessions, and also to hear Constituents’ ideas and complaints as to what is affecting them in their own neighborhoods.

“In a time when politics has become so partisan and polarizing, these meetings allow constituents to freely express their feelings and wishes to their elected representatives in a respectful and thoughtful atmosphere,” he said. “I have found that, quite often, after the meetings are over, citizens thank us for the opportunity to meet, and hope additional meetings continue to occur. They will.”

Salazar said that Town Hall Meetings are open to everyone, regardless of party affiliation.


“Not everyone agrees with all that is said,” he said, “but all seem to appreciate the ability to have their voices heard by their elected members of the State Legislature in Senate District 26 and House District 34.”

Ottman weighed in that Town Halls are an opportunity and meet with people in their neighborhoods and to hear their thoughts.

”We, as Legislators, can provide some information about where we think the government is succeeding, and where there is contention,” she said. “To hear local issues from people involved in day-to-day life is necessary for comparison to testimony often only by bureau heads and administrative positions. Having all stakeholders heard will assist in having a government of and by the people. Plus, I so enjoy seeing everyone!”


Contact Pepper Ottman or Tim Salazar for more information.


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