Northern Arapaho Tribe issues Public Health Order; Encourages Easter gatherings of 10 or less people

Two releases from the Northern Arapahoe Tribe regarding COVID-19 have been posted below:


To all tribal members,

As we come upon this Easter weekend and everyone prepares to Worship in their own way we would like to remind you to please take precautions to protect you and your family from the covid-19 virus epidemic. Many churches have elected to Hope Services and alternative ways either over the internet or from people’s cars. We highly discouraged large Church meetings or any large Gatherings of any kind. Please shelter at home and worship in your own private manner.

For those of you who choose more traditional spiritual practices we also asked you to please protect yourself and your family, your elders and the tribe from this virus. If you hold a sweat lodge please limit the number of people that go into that Lodge preferably to 10 or less. We also encourage you not to share water. Rather than traditionally passing the water around we encourage you to get bottles of water for each participant. This will help prevent the spread of the virus..

With our testing we have found several people who have the virus but have no symptoms. It is important to remember that if you do not take precautions you could be spreading the virus to your family and in particular to Elders who are at high risk..

The CDC has recommended that everyone wear a mask when they have to go out in public. We highly encourage this practice because we believe that it will decrease the spread of the virus. A mask does not so much protect you as it protects those around you. Again many people are asymptomatic but could be passing the virus along to others.

Masks currently are hard to come by but there are plenty of videos on YouTube and on the internet showing you how to make a face covering out of materials that are common in your home. Many of you are sewing masks and we encourage you to share those with others, you may be saving someone’s life.

Take this weekend to contemplate on those things that are important to you and to pray for those who have been affected by this virus in whichever way you choose.

CMO Dr. Ebbert, WRFCHC