No Chicken Coops constructed this year; For RMS it was the year of the Red Sheds

    (Riverton, Wyo.) – Tyler Jordan and Aziz Waheed are known at Riverton Middle School for the innovative construction projects their respective classes have built in the past. Last year is was chicken coops. This year it was sheds.

    “We wanted to do something different,” Jordan told the Riverton School Board Tuesday night. Waheed said the project was done just like a construction site. “People wanted our plans, but we really didn’t have one set, it came together as we built them,” he said.

    With the two instructors were three students, Jordyn Anderson, Gracie Johnson and Zack Osborne.  In turn, each told the board about the project.


    Jordyn said the best part of  the project “was being around each other and having fun.” She also said she had never used a plasma cutter before, “and it was a real cool thing  to test out.”

    Gracie agreed with her classmate, but she said in an effort to speed up the project, they tried to cut two pieces of metal at once, instead of separately. “We melted them together, so it took twice as long,” she said.

    Zack said it was his favorite class because of the hands-on experience. “I got to learn stuff to help me in life, and it was super fun,” he said.

    Jordan said as a result of taking the class and building the sheds, “the kids are now more willing to fix things at home. They learned life skills. It’s awesome that they gave up their lunch hours to work on the project to get everything done in time.”


    The two instructors noted that the class built two sheds, priced at $950 each and they created their own video ad to sell them. One sold right away, it was reported, and a buyer was in line for the second one.

    “So that’s where that red shed came from at my neighbors,” exclaimed Board Chairman Lynette Jeffres.

    Superintendent Terry Snyder gave thanks to the instructors for giving kids the opportunity to develop skills. “I really like that you had  both male and female students. It is something they can do around their own place, in life, and what a great start they have learning by trying,”  he said. Addressing the students, Snyder said “There’s not much people can’t do but they have to have the courage to start, you took that opportunity and learned to work with other people too.”


    Jeffres also asked the students if they knew the cardinal rule of carpentry. “Measure twice and cut once,” she said.

    Riverton Middle School students in Mr. Jordan and Mr. Aziz’s respective classes built two Red Sheds as a project this year. The class advertised the sheds in a video made by the students. The photo of the class was taken off of a TV monitor in the board room during a playback of the ad. The sheds were build with skids so they could be moved. 

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