National Weather Service says funnel cloud was likely near Riverton Tuesday

    If you missed our post earlier today, some of our readers reported seeing tornadic-like activity west of Riverton Tuesday evening just before 6:00 p.m.

    Since there wasn’t a Tornado Watch or Warning, we reached out to Tim Troutman from Riverton’s National Weather Service office about those photos.

    Troutman told us, “there is strong visual evidence of a funnel cloud, but it is inconclusive that the funnel is all the way on the ground and producing debris. It’s a shame that there are not more pictures indicating that and a closer, zoomed in look. Based upon what I’m seeing and my 30 years of experience, I would call it a funnel cloud at this point. The funnel definitely looks more than two thirds of the way down to the ground. If I had evidence of the funnel touching the ground and producing significant debris, then it would be a tornado.”


    For more local weather, follow the National Weather Service office in Riverton!


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