Congratulations, Kaylyn! You did it!

    From Mama & Dad,

    They say that time is the greatest thief. I cannot help but agree. I swear that just yesterday, you were just a bright, blue-eyed baby girl; my dream come true. Just yesterday, you were holding my hand as you walked into your first day of kindergarten. Just yesterday, you were learning to throw a fast ball with your Daddy, eventually pitching so fast that it took true bravery for any opponent to stand at the plate, facing off with "that pitcher from Lander."

    And today, here you are. A beautiful, intelligent, kind, and vibrant high school graduate. We couldn't be more proud of you, Kaylyn. We are so proud of the woman you have become and amazed at the beautiful soul who continues to grow in front of our eyes. We know without a doubt, that you have the determination, kindness, strength, and grit to reach your goals all while staying true to yourself. We absolutely cannot wait to see what your future holds for you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, go and do it with all of your heart. We will always be your biggest cheerleaders.

    So come this Sunday, as you walk across that stage and step into the next phase of your life, be gentle with your Mama. (I will surely be a hot mess.) And please don't mind if I hug you or hold your hand a little longer than normal.

    We love you, Kaylyn! You did it! Congratulations!!!

    Thanks for celebrating with us! – The County 10 Team

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