Me & You ~ A poem for my best friend ~ my husband

From Love Always, Me,

You came into my life a long time ago.
And at that time we didn’t know,
It would take years and years,
Alot of fighting and alot of tears.
I had built walls around my heart,
These feelings, I didn’t want to start.
But over time, you came to mean the world to me.
Without you, a future, I didn’t see.
Happiness and Love was ours to find.
I still can’t believe you wanted to be mine.
A lot of people told us, we wouldn’t work out,
and with their words came a lot of doubt.
But we didn’t give into our fears.
We listened to our hearts.
And together we made a new start.
So when I look back on everything we’ve been through.
I’m so happy, we held together, me and you.

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