Mayor aims to “Make Pavillion Pretty Again” [PODCAST]

    Marissa Selvig has spent the last couple of years on the Pavillion Town Council. After just a few weeks in office, newly elected Mayor Richard Johnson made the decision to step down from the post. That’s when Selvig became appointed to take over the Mayor role, just the second female mayor in the community’s history.

    Selvig calls herself a “political junky,” and has been interested in running for an office for several years. She’s originally from Minnesota, but fell in love with Wyoming and tells us she never plans to leave. She explained to us on the County 10 Podcast that she hopes to help, “bring some professionalism” to the office, to bring the community together, and to “make Pavillion pretty again,” joking that we could make hats with the acronym. We hear those are popular these days.

    Aside from being Pavillion’s Mayor, people in Fremont County know Marissa as the kombucha lady. Selvig brews kombucha and sells it, under the company Sweetheart Brewing Co.


    She chats with host Jerrad Anderson about her time and plans as Mayor, and the kombucha brewing process on the County 10 Podcast.

    LISTEN HERE to the interview with Marissa Selvig! 

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