Local COVID-19 cases continue to rise from expanded testing, contact tracing


Below is the latest update from the Fremont County Public Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee. As a reminder, your COVID-19 questions can be asked on the Fremont County Incident Management Team’s Q&A website.

Fremont County tested positives for COVID-19 as of today is 83 (7 additional cases in the last 24 hours). The State Public Health Site lists 8 probable positives for Fremont County which means they were in close proximity to a confirmed positive.


Out of the 83 positives and 8 probable cases, there are 36 recovered in Fremont County listed on the State COVID-19 site.

From our Public health follow up calls we have 110 recovered out of 173 (self-isolating folks who have kept in contact with Public Health).

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Fremont County has risen to 83.  Most of this dramatic rise stems from expanded testing and contact tracing. Once a positive case is found, State Epidemiology teams and other Public Health and Tribal Health care providers interview the affected individuals. Those phone conversations determine who may have been exposed to that person, looking back to approximately 2 days before the test date! Once the additional contacts are identified, they are called and the process is repeated.  If any of these contacts have symptoms of COVID-19 infection they are tested.

Ideally, contact tracing should occur within hours of identifying a positive test result. It is a large painstaking task that is critical for public safety. We are getting a clearer picture of the extensive inroads this virus has made into our communities. We call on all Fremont County residents to take action:

1) Arguably the most important action is to stay home from work and refrain from interacting with other people if you are evenly mildly ill.

2) Maintain at least 6 ft social distancing at all times when in public

3) Wash your hands frequently

4) Please, please wear a mask when in public spaces. You could be a virus carrier with no symptoms.

We will likely see further increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases during the upcoming days and weeks.  Contact tracing and testing will press on as an important tool to slow the spread of this virus.

Brian Gee MD
Fremont County Health Officer

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