Larsen works to resolve challenges to accommodate recreational use at The Bus, protecting long time grazing lease

(Lander, WY) – Representative Lloyd Larsen (HD-54) announced in a press release that he is working to ensure the people of Fremont County can continue to utilize the popular Bus Loop trails while allowing for grazing leases on the land the trails have been developed on. The bill will give the State of Wyoming the ability to enhance public lands for recreational use. 

“HB054 is an important bill for recreation enthusiasts and ranchers alike in Fremont County,” said Representative Lloyd Larsen. “The Bus is an icon in our community and we have been fortunate the lessees of this land have been accommodating to recreational activities on the loop. This legislation is a proactive measure that would create a special use ability for the people of Lander to more strategically develop these trail routes that are significant to our community.”

HB 54 State Parks-recreation management authority allows the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources to enter into agreements with the Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments for specific uses of state property such as allowing recreational purposes on state leased lands. Larsen worked with County Commissioners, state agencies, farmers, ranchers, recreation enthusiasts and others to draft the legislation.


“This bill helps accomplish what we in Wyoming do really well – it allows for multiple-use of the land.” 

The series of trails about four miles up Baldwin Creek Road is known as the Bus and is a popular recreation area. It is made up of approximately 20 miles of grazing land and user-made trails. The land is classified as “Common School Trust Lands,” which support K-12 education. The Bus Loop land is leased for grazing and livestock graze the area seasonally. 

The bill passed this week in the Senate Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources Committee. The measure has been passed by the Wyoming House of Representatives and is slated to be heard on the Senate floor for a final vote. 

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