Lander Veteran seeks to bring a new voice to the Wyoming House of Representatives

Paid for by Kevin Wilson for HD 54.

Howdy, I am Kevin Wilson and I am running to be your representative for House District 54 in the Wyoming Legislature. I come from a family of military veterans and working-class people. Out of high school, I served my country in the Navy Submarine Service. When I got out, I earned degrees in history and environmental studies, became a Park Ranger, worked for NOLS, the Wyoming Conservation Corps, the US forest service, and I currently work as a Registered Nurse.

I have been frustrated looking to our legislature for real solutions to our most pressing problems. The Good Old Boys Club seems more interested in taking corporate money and passing industry-sponsored legislation than doing the hard work of standing up for the working people of Lander.

We need more independent voices in the legislature working to diversify our economy and revenue streams, protecting our public lands, and making sure Wyoming continues to be a place where we want to raise our families for generations to come.

We have enough politicians in the legislature representing big business. I will be a voice for all of the people of Lander. I will fight to expand Medicaid and lower the cost of care for working families struggling to afford healthcare. I will fight to raise wages for our essential workers. I will fight for our teachers, administrators, and public employees who work hard to deliver high-quality education and services to our community. And I will always fight to keep our public lands in public hands for all Wyomingites to enjoy forever.

I hope to earn your vote. With your help and support, I will serve the people of Lander in Cheyenne, not special interests. Learn more at

Kevin Wilson for HD 54

Paid for by Kevin Wilson for HD 54.

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