CWC in Jackson is hiring an IET Program Manager/Instructor

    IET Program Manager/Instructor

    Salary: $43,871.00 – $49,355.00 Annually
    Location: Jackson
    Job Type: Full-Time
    Department: College & Career Readiness
    Opening Date: 04/16/2024


    This is a 2-year grant-funded position.

    Position Summary
    This is an exciting program making a connection between education and career employment. Our aim is to provide EEL and ABE instruction to program participants with our corporate partner. Other program participants may come from CWC – ESL or ABE classes, Bridge, and DWS. The position will provide program management and instruction in the Jackson area. This program provides instruction and guidance to participants in the ESL/ABE and career instruction for participants. The Manager/Instructor is responsible for instructing and tutoring students who are preparing for their HiSET/GED exams. ESL/ELL program students may additionally need language development support/instruction in both general language and medical terminology. The Manager/Instructor will also be responsible for meeting on a regularly prescribed basis with each student to provide guidance in developing learning/Smart Goal plans to help students achieve their goals and keep on track in the program. Manager/Instructor will also act as a student advisor checking in with students as they proceed to the vocational training portion of the program.

    Students are primarily adults or older teens with a variety of educational backgrounds. The Manager/Instructor needs to be sensitive to a variety of learning barriers, and able to assist students in obtaining the tools needed to address their individual barriers. Instructional focus is on ELL, Math, Reading, Language, Social Studies, Science and Employability. The instructor will provide administrative support associated with record keeping as is required for effective student learning management and continued grant funding.

    Examples of Duties

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Be a liaison between CWC CCR and St. Johns Health, helping to create and maintain this cooperative program. Helping ensure successful placement of program participants into career positions with St. Johns Health.
    2. Provide live classroom and individual instruction in Math, Language Arts: Reading and Writing, Science and Social Studies to teen and adult students at multiple grade levels.
    3. Provide instruction in ESL for both general language development and career specific language instruction.
    4. May assist students with on-line instructional programs and lessons.
    5. Provide instruction through several delivery methods, including in class lecture, tutoring, online, distance, remote instruction, and other delivery methods, as appropriate.
    6. Assess each student’s knowledge of course material using approved assessment tools.
    7. Appropriately use prescribed pre- and post-assessment data to assist students in developing learning plans and to set realistic goals.
    8. Assist students in developing SMART goals for program and postsecondary education.
    9. Model and instruct students in employability skills.
    10. Track student attendance and other student data as required for student retention, persistence and educational level gains and goals completion.
    11. Assist in planning and participate in ABE/HEQ graduation and other students recognition events.
    12. Adjust curriculum and teaching methods to accommodate the learning needs of students.
    13. Assist in the instruction of ABE/HEQ student orientation course.
    14. Attend staff meetings, trainings-professional development workshops and conferences related to adult education.
    15. Check in and out, track equipment such as: laptops, chrome books or tablets.
    16. Provide program information to potential students and interested parties.
    17. Operate within the framework established by CWC’s policies, procedures, and practices.
    18. Adhere to federal and state guidelines of the Federal/WY AE Grant.
    19. Perform other reasonably related duties as directed or assigned.
    20. Operate within the framework established by CWC’s policies, procedures, and practices.
    21. Perform other reasonably related duties as directed or assigned.

    Typical Qualifications

    Position Specifications

    Minimum Qualifications

    • Education
      • Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the US Department of Education.
    • Experience
      • Two years’ experience working with adults in an ELL, vocational, college or pre-college setting.
    • Licenses/Certifications
      • Valid driver’s license
    • Equivalency Statement
      • Equivalent combinations of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be acquired may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Desired Qualifications

    • Experience with Tutoring or Teaching Mathematics.
    • MA degree or Graduate-level coursework
    • Demonstrated experience providing online, distance, and/or remote instruction
    • Demonstrated ability in working with minimal supervision and/or program management.

    Supplemental Information

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    1. Ability to establish a student-instructor relationship conducive to learning and promote active involvement of students in learning activities.
    2. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a broad range of students at multiple levels.
    3. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    4. Ability to work in a caring and compassionate manner with adult learners
    5. Ability to organize, prioritize and follow multiple projects and tasks through to completion.
    6. Ability to maintain confidentiality and to effectively identify and resolve problems.
    7. Ability to collaborate and work with colleagues in a team setting.
    8. Strong computer skills.
    9. Ability to work independently.

    Working Environment

    Reasonable accommodation will be extended to otherwise qualified individuals with a legally recognized disability.

    • Equipment Used
      • Performance of work requires operating a PC Computer, laptop, and other related instructional technology including smart board, projector, etc.
    • Physical Requirements
      • Sedentary work, up to ten pounds of force to exert. Pulling, climbing, kneeling, lifting, grasping, standing particularly for sustained periods of time and/or sitting particularly for sustained periods of time (on-line instructing); extensive keyboarding and computer work; walking or moving about to accomplish tasks; talking including expressing or exchanging ideas; and hearing includes the ability to receive detailed information through oral communication and seeing, the ability to perceive the nature of objects by the eye.
    • Environmental Conditions
      • Work is generally performed in a classroom or office setting.

    Level of SupervisionThis position operates under the direct supervision of the Director of College and Career

    Readiness, who is located at the main CWC Campus, Riverton; while this position is located in Jackson, WY. The individual filling the position will need to be capable working independently and in making decisions that are in line with program, college procedures and guidelines.

    We offer a complete benefits package to full-time employees including health care, dental, vision, retirement, deferred compensation plans, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, long-term disability, holidays, vacation, and sick leave.

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