Jerrad and Charene with the top things to look forward to for 2022

The end of 2021 is here and County 10’s morning show give you the top things to look forward to for 2022. There are some big things coming up for the new year!

Here are some of the things that Jerrad and Charene talk about with things to look forward to in 2022:

  1. The Olympics, the winter games hosted in Beijing February 2022.
  2. The Queens Jubilee, a year long event at Buckingham Palace.
  3. Two total lunar eclipses May 16 and Nov. 22.
  4. Star studded lineup for the Super Bowl halftime show.
  5. Big time anniversaries, 50 years for both “Price is Right” and “The Godfather”.
  6. Betty White turns 100!
  7. Series finales for “This is Us,” “Better Call Saul,” “Ozark” and “Dead to Me”.
  8. Cheaper iPhone repairs.

Wishing everyone a Happy and safe start to 2022.



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