#Helpatourist: Tourists Aren’t a Crowd, They Are an Economy

    Wind River Country has long been a destination for travelers. Did you know the Noble Hotel in Lander was erected to house travelers “where the rails end and the trails begin” as they journeyed to Yellowstone in the early 1900s? Fremont County continues to rely on the travel and tourism industry, and this year that’s even more true. As our local businesses operate on the leanest of margins and the state’s tax base shrinks, tourism helps our communities and their people. That’s why the Wind River Visitors Council is supporting responsible tourism here. By welcoming travelers and reminding them of safe practices while they’re here, we’re helping tourists and helping our towns.

    Join us in demonstrating and encouraging responsible behavior in Wind River Country, because when you help a tourist, you help your town.

    About the Wind River Visitors Council
    The Wind River Visitors Council’s mission is to stimulate tourism by increasing awareness of and encouraging visitation to, the unique destinations, activities, and events in Fremont County/Wind River Country, Wyoming. The Wind River Visitors Council (WRVC) is a Joint Powers Lodging Tax Board responsible for promoting the travel and tourism industry in Fremont County through expenditures of the lodging tax. WRVC Board members represent our communities and the county and are appointed by local city councils and the Fremont County Commissioners. Learn more at

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