Habitat Protection Program staff toured the Foote Creek Rim wind farm near Arlington

Wyoming Game & Fish

PacifiCorp has plans to re-purpose the infrastructure at the site in 2020.

The plans call for the removal of the existing 68 towers and propellers, and installation of 12 new turbines.


The new equipment will be much bigger, utilizing improvements in technology that result in a reduction of the facility’s footprint. Current turbines each generate 0.6 megawatts of power per hour for a total of 41.4 MW.

While the new configuration remains to be determined, the 12 new turbines will generate the same amount of power.

PacifiCorp is contracting with WEST, Inc. to collect wildlife data prior to construction to help monitor and measure impacts to wildlife as a result of the bigger turbines, which will have a 1-acre sweep zone.

HPP will continue to work with PacifiCorp and WEST, Inc. to minimize impacts to wildlife as the project matures.