Fremont County snowfall totals from the weekend; South Pass lead the way with 10 inches

    The National Weather Service office in Riverton has posted snowfall totals from the weekend. Most areas around the state saw the most snowfall between Friday night and Saturday night.

    In County 10, South Pass and the Deer Park area saw the most snowfall, recording 10 inches.

    Areas of Togwotee Pass, including Brooks Lake had 8 inches. Meanwhile, the Riverton Airport recorded 3 inches of snowfall, the Lander Airport had just over one inch, and Dubois had 2 inches.


    Statewide areas in Johnson, Park, and Teton counties had over a foot of snowfall. Yellowstone National Park also received 12 inches in the Parker Peak, Lewis Lake Divide, and Two Ocean Plateau areas.

    You can see more statewide totals here. 

    Fremont County... 
     South Pass Snotel...                10 inches.
     Deer Park Snotel...                 10 inches.
     Hobbs Park Snotel...                 8 inches.
     Brooks Lake...                       8 inches.
     Townsend Creek Snotel...             8 inches.
     Little Warm Snotel...                5 inches.
     Burroughs Creek Snotel...            5 inches.
     Castle Creek Snotel...               5 inches.
     Riverton Airport...                  3 inches.
     9 E Pavillion...                     3 inches.
     Riverton...                        2.8 inches.
     Atlantic City...                   2.2 inches.
     St. Lawrence Alt Snotel...           2 inches.
     Dubois...                            2 inches.
     Cold Springs Snotel...               2 inches.
     14 NW Riverton...                  1.5 inches.
     Lander Airport...                  1.1 inches.
     7 WNW Lander...                    0.3 inches.
     4 W Riverton...                    0.1 inches.

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