Fremont County Sheriff’s Office releases May Commission Report

    (Fremont County, WY) – The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office released their monthly report at the County Commissioner’s meeting today, May 11th.

    The Sheriff’s Office has responded to 2,350 calls for service this year, and saw a total of 130 bookings for the month of April, up 39 from last month. Of these bookings, 50 were for RPD, 28 for FCSO, 22 for LPD, 17 for WHP, and 1 for SPD.

    The current inmate population sits at 175 in house, and 183 total (3 juvenile occupants, 2 in home confinement, and 3 at the State Hospital).


    As for search and rescue missions this year, Fremont County is up at 36 from 26 this time last year. Of these missions 8 utilized air resources, and 5 led to fatalities, 6 people total.

    The Sheriff’s Office was under budget in the areas of Contractual Services and Prisoners Board, and has already “hit their projected revenue mark $147,000 over a month ago, and continues to receive unanticipated revenues at this time.”

    It was also announced that it is National Police week, from May 11th-16th, in honor of the men and women who serve and protect. Thank you for all you do Fremont County Law Enforcement!


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