Boysen ice rink opens for 2024 season

    (Shoshoni, WY) – Boysen State Park announced on Wednesday that the ice skating rink at the swim beach is now open.

    Skates and hockey sticks are available at the change house across from the restroom. They were purchased with donated funds. They also added a few walkers and skating trainers for beginners this year. All of these items are free to use if you do not have your own, and they rely on the honor system that visitors return after use.

    “We hope that families will come out and enjoy some winter fun!” their announcement said.


    The ice is an impressive 19.5 inches thick and is monitored weekly for safety. They will shut down access in the spring when ice levels shrink to 10 inches.

    There is no charge for the use of the rink or the equipment, but the standard park day use fees apply at $7 per vehicle per day for Wyoming residents and $12 per vehicle per day for nonresidents.


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