Back in Whack: Helping Wyoming youth lead healthier, longer lives

Fremont County Pediatric Clinic is proud to announce that the Back in Whack Program is back!

The program will relaunch July 26th at the Riverton – Fremont County Pediatric Clinic.

Back in Whack is a healthy lifestyle and nutrition program specially designed to help children and teens adopt healthier habits and achieve a healthier weight. The program utilizes a combination of clinic-based health coaching paired with a home-based healthy lifestyle and nutrition program.

The home-based materials include:

  • A set of interactive learning DVDs (produced by Wyoming PBS Producer, Steven McKnight)
  • A variety of hands-on activities
  • Self-discovery exercises
  • Treasure hunts
  • Field trips
  • And many exciting tools that support new health habits

There are many fun family activities built into the program, which get the whole family moving more together and teaming up to prepare healthier meals. Family involvement increases a child/teen’s success in making habits changes.

Laurie Ellis, a pediatric nurse and nutritionist, carefully developed this effective evidence-based healthy lifestyle and nutrition program for youth, following expert guidelines. But it’s not just expert guidelines that make this program successful. She frequently sought input and feedback from pediatrician, Dr. Richard Barnes at Fremont County Pediatric Clinic.

Laurie Ellis is a lifelong Wyoming resident and is deeply passionate about helping Wyoming youth live longer, healthier, happier lives. She is an expert-level health and nutrition educator with an M.S. in Health and Nutrition Education, with a pediatric focus. Laurie has spent 17 years of her career, working with children, teens, and families.

Approximately 190 children and teens have enrolled in the program between August 2013, when the program was first launched at Fremont County Pediatric Clinic, through December of 2017.

Benefits of program participants:

  • Adopt healthier habits, achieve a healthier weight and improve overall health
  • New health habits decrease the risk for diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer
  • Lowered high blood pressures, lowered elevated cholesterol levels, increased low HDL (good) cholesterol levels, lowered elevated liver enzymes, lowered elevated blood glucose levels
  • Increased energy and stamina, decreased shortness of breath with physical exertion
  • Increased ability to concentrate and think clearly
  • Improved self-esteem, and diminished symptoms of ADD, depression, anxiety, and mood swings

Parents have reported that the Back in Whack Program has not only improved the physical health of their child, but all their family members and also strengthened family relationships as members of the family have worked together to adopt healthier habits.

The program has received State and National recognition.

The body should convert the food that is eaten into energy which will be used up during the day to move and heat the body. However, sometimes a person’s energy balance gets OUT OF WHACK and the body starts storing too much energy from the food that is eaten. When this happens on a regular basis, the body ends up with excess amounts of stored energy, resulting in a high Body Mass Index (BMI) and an unhealthy weight. This program is designed to help children and teens get their energy balance BACK IN WHACK.



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