Arapahoe Middle School releases statement on apparent threat made Thursday

Arapahoe Schools

Fremont County School District #38 Interim Superintendent Roy B. Brown has issued a statement in response to an apparent threat overheard at Arapahoe Middle School Thursday.

Brown’s statement notes the threat was in regard to, “gun violence towards Arapahoe Middle School.” He explained that law enforcement does not believe there is an immediate threat to safety and that the Bureau of Indian Affairs is investigating the matter.


Brown’s full statement is below and in bold.

Dear, Arapahoe School Community:

Earlier today, several middle school students reported hearing a vague threat of gun violence towards the Arapahoe Middle School. School Resource Police Officer, Matt Lee, is currently investigating the threat in conjunction with the BIA Law Enforcement. While District and law enforcement officials do not believe there is an immediate threat to safety, the District is taking these reports very seriously. We hope to ascertain the source of the threats as well as determine the credibility of the threats very soon.

The District will take all steps to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors of Arapahoe School. We have increased law enforcement presence this afternoon and will continue to monitor any safety concerns closely. Law enforcement and District officials believe that student safety is not currently compromised and that classes can continue as usual. We will take immediate action if that changes and inform the community of those changes right away.

We are sharing this information not to create a panic but so you are informed and aware of the current situation. Please be alert for any information that might aid officials in finding the source of the threat and determining the credibility of any threats. If you have any information to report, please contact the Wind River Police Department or your local law enforcement agency. Your help is always important in preventing a crisis.

Roy B. Brown
Interim Superintendent