And the SageWest 2018 Employee Awards go to…

    Our SageWest 2018 Employee of the Year awards were selected based on this year’s Employee of the Month recipients. Our nominees and previous employee of the month recipients include Julie Andresen, Stephanie Joy, Cindy Reed, Kitty Federer, Amy Jarrard, Kathy Kroeger, Janet Day and Charles Aragon.

    Each of these employees have made invaluable contributions to SageWest and our mission- Making Communities Healthier. Thank you.


    And the winner of the 2018 Clinical Services Employee of the Year is Amy Jarrard.

    Amy joined SageWest in 2016 and has been a valuable asset in our ICU and throughout SageWest. Amy, is a natural teacher who maintains an open mind and positive attitude. Several of her colleagues call her a “shining star for SageWest” and a “natural teacher.”

    Amy treats her patients and patient family members with compassion and understanding. Amy is upbeat and creates a heartwarming and trusting environment for all family members who visit their loved ones in our facility.


    The winner of the 2018 Support Services Employee of the Year is Cindy Reed.

    Over the years, Cindy has been truly dedicated to SageWest and in serving our communities. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the CEO as well as the Medical Staff Coordinator. Cindy is well known for her ability to juggle multiple requests daily while remaining calm and professional.

    Cindy never shies away from taking on a task, her readiness to jump in and get jobs done makes her a great inspiration. Even when facing challenges outside of her range of expertise, Cindy digs in and keeps at it until she accomplishes what she sets out to do.


    The 2018 Clinical Services Leader of The Year is Sara Johnson-Higgs.

    Sara has served at SageWest in a variety of roles as pharmacy-tech, pharmacist, pharmacist-in-charge and as of July 2017 she became the Director of Pharmacy. Sara is one of those people who you know will always follow through and do a great job.

    She cares about the people she works with, is very clinically talented in her work, and is always searching for ways to improve pharmacy operations and service. Sara is an exceptional team member and we greatly appreciate her tremendous high quality service to our patients and in serving our communities.


    The 2018 Support Services Leader of The Year is Linda Tice.

    For the past 8 years Linda has served SageWest as our System Director of Information Technology and Services. Linda has been instrumental in our organization and leadership of our SageWest Emergency Management and Preparedness. She jumps in when needed and goes above and beyond the call of duty to improve all processes.

    Linda’s enthusiasm and leadership have been the impetus of major improvements and we are extremely grateful for her attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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