#Aglife: Cousins at the Fair

    There may be life off the ranch, but any Fremont County farmer or rancher will tell you – The #aglife is “the good life!” #Aglife is a County 10 series, brought to you by Wyoming Community Bank, that pulls the curtain back on farm and ranch life in Fremont County.

    Zach Thornock and his cousin Wacey Myers were busy Saturday afternoon in the sheep barn at the Fremont County Fairgrounds.

    Ross Thornock supervised as his son Zach and nephew Wacey prepped a hog pen – h/t Randy Tucker

    The boys were prepping a sheep pen for the Sunday arrival of their lambs under the supervision of their dad and uncle Ross Thornock.

    They were busy drilling holes in particle board and sliding zip ties through to attach to the bottom of the pens to secure the soon-to-arrive livestock.

    The boys are showing a combined five Suffolk/Hampshire cross lambs. Zach is showing three and Wacey a pair.

    Zach Thornock drilled holes to attach zip ties to a hog pen – h/t Randy Tucker

    They are both members of the Burma Nightriders 4H Club. Zach is a Riverton student and Wacey attends Shoshoni.

    “I love the responsibility and the leadership opportunities and the sense of entrepreneurship the fair provides,” Ross Thornock said.

    Ross Thornock and his son Dennis Thornock took a break while preparing hog pens – – h/t Randy Tucker

    It is a family operation with Zach’s brother Dennis and sister Shyanne showing dark cross and Duroc hogs. They were prepping for their pigs in the adjacent swine barn.

    “We bought the Duroc in Powell at 307 Genetics,” Dennis said.

    Shyanne Thornock and her cousin Wacey Myers did a little County Fair gymnastics at teh hog barn – h/t Randy Tucker

    This is his fifth year in fair competition. In years past Dennis entered woodworking projects as well.

    “It’s fun seeing people,” Dennis said.

    Zach is also in his fifth year at the fair.

    “I like raising lambs and be proud if I do well with them when I sell,” Zach said. “We bought one lamb in Gillette and the other from Steve and Patty Griffin.”

    Prepping the pens is just the first step of the work involved in showing livestock at the Fremont County Fair. They have to transport the animals to their respective livestock barns, feed and water them all week, make sure they’re cool in the summer heat, and prep them for showmanship.

    Zach Thornock perched above the hog pen he had just attached panels to – h/t Randy Tucker

    “We fee them Show-Rite, Golden Ticket, and flaked corn,” Zach said.

    The animals arrive later on Sunday with the swine show starting Wednesday and the sheep show on Thursday. The livestock sale will be Saturday.

    Zach’s mom is Lindsey Thornock, an active fair contestant as a youngster as well. Wacey’s mom and day are Cody and Crystal Myers.

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