21 of Wyoming’s 23 counties favored Donald Trump in presidential race

With 98% of Wyoming’s votes tallied Wednesday afternoon, it’s safe to say that 21 of Wyoming’s 23 counties favored President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Fremont County saw 12,007 votes cast for Trump/Pence, which was equal to 66.3% of the overall vote. Biden/Harris received 5,519 Fremont County votes for 30.5%.

The two counties that favored Biden were Teton and Albany Counties. Teton saw 67.1% of voters select Biden, while 29.6% selected Trump. Albany was much closer with 48.8% picking Biden/Harris and 46.1% voting for Trump/Pence.


Northeastern Wyoming’s Crook County favored President Trump by the largest margin. 88.6% of voters cast their ballot for Trump and 9.2% picked Biden.

Big Horn, Campbell, Weston, Converse, Niobrara and Lincoln Counties favored Trump by over 80% of their respective overall votes.

Laramie and Fremont Counties were the pro-Trump areas with the closest margin. Laramie County saw a 62% to 33.8% differential.

Keep in mind, there’s still 2% of the overall vote across the state coming in, so those numbers might change slightly!

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