#10Life: 5 awesome things you can do on a snowy May Day in Fremont County

#10life is County 10 series to share and celebrate everything that’s great about local life in Fremont County, brought to you by RE/MAX All-Star, Realtors.

#1 – Hit a cozy coffee shop 

Fremont County has a bunch of great coffee shops! Find one with big windows and admire the white stuff from the warm indoors with a hot cup of coffee! 


Lander Bake Shop

# 2 – Embrace the cold!

We know Wyoming spring means there is a threat of snow for a few more weeks, but this is likely one of the last times you might have for a while to go play in the snow! Grab a sled, have a snowball fight, go play!

#3 – Play photographer for the day

Snowy photo ops are the best! Grab a camera, or your phone, and find the coolest pics you can in your neighborhood! Make sure to show off your work, too! [email protected] 



#4 – Give your neighbors a hand

We love the idea of neighbors helping neighbors from Dubois to Jeffrey City and Fort Washakie to Shoshoni! If you’re able, shoveling a neighbors walkway is a great opportunity to score some “good-deed points.”

#5 – Hit the movies

We’re not sure if you’ve heard or not, but apparently, there’s a new Avengers movie out. Or maybe, hit a Redbox and make it a fun movie day at home! (Maybe some blankets, hot chocolate, popcorn… alright, we’re taking the rest of the day off.) 

Barry Cinemas Inc.

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