Wyoming girl reunited with special teddy bear one year after losing it

    (Jackson, WY) – Thanks to the kindness of several folks, the sharp eyes of one park ranger and a lot of luck, Naomi Pascal was reunited with a very special stuffed animal recently.

    KTVQ Billings reports that in 2020, the Pascal family were hiking in Glacier National Park when the Jackson-area family realized that Naomi no longer was holding onto her favorite teddy bear.

    According to KTVQ, the bear was the first gift Naomi received after being adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage in 2016.


    Glacier National Park Ranger Tom Mazzarisi said he came upon “Teddy” while he was patrolling after a large snowstorm. Mazzarisi said he decided to place the bear on his patrol car dashboard, declaring it his “unofficial mascot.”

    For nearly a year, Teddy rode with Tom. Not only around Glacier National Park, but going back and forth to Yellowstone National Park.

    Earlier this year, family friends of the Pascal’s were visiting Glacier and noticed the bear in the patrol car. Knowing Naomi’s story, they quickly snapped a photo and asked if that was her misplaced toy.

    After a conversation with Ranger Mazzarisi and a couple days for express mail to arrive, Teddy and Naomi were reunited.


    KTVQ has more details on this story and an interview with the family here!


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