Wyoming Community Service Providers endorse Representative Lloyd Larsen for re-election to House District 54

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“The Wyoming Community Service Providers proudly and wholeheartedly endorse Representative Lloyd Larsen for re-election to House District 54. Lloyd has a proven record of passionately and effectively supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries in Wyoming and we need his proven leadership and commitment to continue. Lloyd is the go-to member of the Legislature regarding questions about funding for people with disabilities. He has taken the time and made the effort to understand the complexities of the system and can answer questions from other members simply and accurately.”

In the 2021 Supplementary Budget Session, the State was in a budget crisis. As the Vice-
chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Lloyd was intimately involved in the process to adopt a balanced budget as required by the Wyoming state constitution. The Department of Health was slated to absorb 112 million dollars in cuts. “I have a reasonable understanding of the Department’s complex budget and I could tell there would be significant impacts resulting from these cuts on those in our communities served by providers like Community Entry Services,” Lloyd stated. “I put together an amendment supported both in the House and Senate that restored $15-million dollars of the proposed cuts impacting these important services.

During fiscal year 2022, Lloyd monitored the revenue situation on a regular basis to anticipate and plan for the Department of Health’s standard budget for the next two years.  “I wanted to protect the funding for the services provided by the Community Service Providers. I was once again able to retain the funding without any additional reductions for these services in that agency budget.”

Funding for Community Service Providers is evaluated on a regular basis and recommendations are made to rebase their funding model based on labor pressures in other sectors of the state. There was a dedicated effort by the Wyoming Community Service Providers working with Lloyd to put together an amendment that adjusted their funding model.

“We need his continued leadership!” – WCSP

The Wyoming Community Service Providers (WCSP) is a statewide association of providers of support and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries. WCSP was established in 1976 and since that time has seen many changes to the service delivery system in Wyoming. They continue to advocate for adequate funding and equitable treatment for people with disabilities in Wyoming and are committed to continuing those efforts.  

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