Whitener receives Shoshoni’s 2023 Citizen of the Year Award

    (Shoshoni, WY) – Thursday was a special night in Shoshoni for many of the town’s residents and non-residents as they gathered at the community center for the annual awarding of the Citizen of the Year.

    This year saw 18 folks who received at least one vote, including the Shoshoni Schools 4th-grade class, shared Shoshoni’s Mayor Joel Highsmith. You had to be a resident to cast a vote, but you didn’t have to be a resident to receive one.

    Walking away this year with the most votes to earn them Citizen of the Year was Shoshoni resident Jordan Whitener.


    Jordan is very involved in the Shoshoni community. He puts on youth basketball camps through Shoshoni Schools. Also, he organizes the three-on-three basketball tournament that brings youth and families from all across Fremont County and beyond to Shoshoni. He is the inspiration that ultimately led to the new Town Plaza – giving youth a place to go. Jordan also co-organizes the Shoshoni Hot Summer Nights. He is even out there shoveling walkways to the school after snowstorms. He is always striving to make Shoshoni better.

    After being presented with the award, Jordan was asked if he wanted to say anything. Below is what he shared.

    I get this as an award for me, and I’m thankful for that. And I’m appreciative that as a community and everybody that thought I was deserving of such. In my younger days and in high school, I was always a me guy. After growing up and becoming a basketball coach, that has long left me. Even though this is a me award, it’s a we award because none of it would have been possible without you guys believing in the vision. The businesses supporting the idea, and being sponsors and donors. The council helping to vote to make that piece of property into a basketball court/park and then paving the street so we could do the tournament. It’s a we effort, for sure. Now that none of it’s possible without everybody going in there and voting for me as well, and believing that I’m worthy of that. I care about our community, and certainly my first and most important factor of being a part of this community, but I honestly care about everybody. I’m thankful, and I couldn’t do it without my family. I’m thankful for everybody who believed and supported and hopefully, we can continue this run.

    The Shoshoni Citizen of the Year Award has been given out since the early ’80s.


    Congratulations, Jordan! 🎉🎉🎉


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