Spectrum employees are in the field locally

A recent post on social media was brought to County 10’s attention that has raised concerns locally about an individual going door-to-door in the Riverton area claiming to be a Spectrum employee.

County 10 was able to confirm with the Spectrum Office in Cheyenne today, June 24th, that they do in fact have a Direct Sales Employee based in Riverton who goes door-to-door. The Direct Sales Supervisor Tim Hawke shared there are employees in the field now in the “mountain states” as they slowly get back to a “new normal” in regards to their day-to-day and COVID-19.


Tim shared a few things to be aware of when someone from Spectrum comes to your door:

  • It is common for them to not be in a company vehicle.
  • Spectrum employees are required to wear a badge on their person at all times. You can always ask to see that badge if you have concerns.
  • Most of their clothing says, “Spectrum.”
  • Their current COVID-19 protocol is to maintain social distancing, and if they go inside a home they will wear a mask.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always give their Sales Department a call at 1-855-243-8892.

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