#Snapped: Injury Prevention buckles up for safety with bear mascot, Lyle Lysol

“We’re going on a bear hunt. Will we catch one? Yup!
What a beautiful day and we’re not scared because our bear is buckled up.”

Injury Prevention Resources has joined the “Bear Hunt” and is proud to introduce you to Lyle Lysol! You can guess how this bear got his name (he was disinfected from head to toe) but never play the guessing game when it comes to buckling up your child. Lyle is the same size as most children who sit in a booster seat. It is important to know the criteria when switching your child to a booster seat. Are they ready? Read the graphic below for some key points to consider.

Don’t forget to drive by Injury Prevention Resources at 303 N Broadway Ave. in Riverton to say hello to Lyle. He’ll be right out front and buckled up for safety!

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