Riverton City Council approves economic development funding for new Riverton Youth Soccer Association field

    The Riverton City Council approved an economic development funding request from the Riverton Youth Soccer Association this week after learning more about the impact the organization’s proposed new soccer complex might have on the municipal water system.

    1.9 million gallons

    Public works director Brian Eggleston said it would take 1.9 million gallons of water each year to irrigate the 4-acre portion of the field that will be used as an outdoor soccer area, and that increase in water production would cost about $13,900 annually.

    Additionally, Eggleston said, to deliver water to the field through the municipal system, the city would have to irrigate Rein Park and the new soccer complex on alternating days, since the area is served by a single 600,000-gallon water tank.


    During “peak periods,” that tank already has to be “supplemented” by the city water plant, Eggleston said, and in “extreme, severe cases,” the city “doesn’t completely refill that tank.”

    The city could “turn on additional wells to help supplement that tank” further, Eggleston said, but “those are fairly complicated maneuvers,” so staff “wouldn’t recommend that direction.”

    New well

    Instead, Eggleston said, the “best solution” would be to “drill a shallower well, just for irrigation, to maintain that system and keep it separate from the city’s water system.”

    “We feel that’s probably the best direction to go at this point,” he said.


    RYSA board member Josh Saltsgaver agreed that a new well “is not a bad option,” pointing to a similar setup at the nearby Willow Creek Elementary School.

    “Their yard and playground area is actually run off of a well,” Saltsgaver said. “That’s not a deal-breaker for us, (and it) doesn’t change the scope for us drastically. … We’ve looked at the costs, and it’s definitely feasible so that it isn’t going to derail plans for us.”

    City staff will now develop a memorandum of understanding with RYSA that will be presented to the council for approval at a future meeting.


    “I’m excited (to see) more opportunities for youth and bringing more people to the community,” Mayor Tim Hancock said, referring to earlier conversations about tournaments that could be held at the new soccer complex. “I think it’s definitely a worthy place to be putting the half cent funds.”

    For more information call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.


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