Riverton beginning recruitment process for new public works director; operations manager hired for interim

The City of Riverton has begun the process of recruiting a new public works director.

Riverton’s former public works director, Kyle Butterfield, is now the city administrator; he was hired last month to replace Tony Tolstedt, who left the position this summer for a job in Tennessee.

After Butterfield was promoted, he said he tried to keep doing his old job in addition to his new one, but he didn’t think that strategy was “doing justice to our citizens.”


So, during a regular Riverton City Council meeting earlier this month, he announced that operations division manager Brian Eggleston had been hired as interim public works director for the City of Riverton.

“Brian will be very valuable to ensure that I’m not a choke point in the services provided by the public works department,” Butterfield said.

The council directed staff to begin the recruitment process for a permanent public works director during a regular meeting this week.

For more information call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.


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