Mark Calhoun: A fresh, accessible voice in the Wyoming Legislature

    Mark has the vision and experience to represent Lander’s diverse voices in the Wyoming Legislature. He has dedicated his career to community service and will continue to help the Lander area thrive.

    Mark attended elementary school and junior high in Lander and is a 1986 graduate of Lander Valley High School. He has vocational/technical school certificates as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master’s Degree. Mark’s wife, Julie, is a first-grade teacher at Gannett Peak Elementary, and they have two grown sons, Zach and Jake. Mark worked for 18 years in a variety of capacities in a family-owned mechanical contracting business and has been a United Methodist pastor for 15 years. Mark’s wide-spread involvement in our community through various projects, organizations, events, and as a member of the Lander City Council, demonstrates his commitment to the Lander Valley area. Because of his life experiences and passion for our community, Mark has a strong desire to represent the many diverse voices of Wyoming House District 54 in the State Legislature.


    Mark will work hard to represent your voice on these and all key legislative priorities that come before the Wyoming Legislature…
    • Funding public education
    • Funding local governments
    • Enhancing local and statewide infrastructure
    • Keeping public lands public
    • Ensuring access to quality healthcare for all
    • Diversifying Wyoming’s economy to ensure economic stability for the future

    From community and business leaders, to the hard-working… as well as the most vulnerable folks in our community, I am closely connected to residents across the socio-economic spectrum. Everyone deserves a voice in our Legislature, and I would like to bridge that gap. – Mark Calhoun

    Email: [email protected]     Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram    @calhounwyo


    Mark Calhoun with sons Jake and Zach, and wife Julie

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