Lower Wind River Conservation District’s Annual Tree and Shrub Sale Winding Down! Stock Up on Native Plants for Your Landscape

    Looking to add some native beauty and environmental benefits to your landscape? The Lower Wind River Conservation District’s (LWRCD) annual Tree and Shrub Sale is your chance to stock up on a variety of plants at affordable prices, but act fast – the deadline to order is April 19th!

    This program offers residents the opportunity to purchase native trees and shrubs specifically chosen for our local climate. Planting these beauties not only enhances your property’s aesthetics, but also supports vital conservation efforts.

    Here’s why planting native trees and shrubs is a win-win:

    • Protect Your Property: Species like Caragana and Green Ash can create wind barriers, reducing energy costs and shielding your property from harsh winds.
    • Fight Erosion: Native plants help hold soil in place, preventing erosion and protecting valuable topsoil.
    • Support Local Wildlife: Planting native species provides essential food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
    • Boost Your Curb Appeal: Enhance your landscape with a variety of flowering and fruiting shrubs like Crabapple, Common Lilac, and Black Currant.

    Limited Quantities Remain!

    The sale features a selection of native trees and shrubs, but some varieties are running low. Here’s what’s still available:

    • Hardy Apricot
    • Green Ash
    • Caragana
    • Western Sandcherry
    • Cottonwood (Native/Siouxland)
    • Crabapple
    • Black Currant
    • Northern Hackberry
    • American Hazelnut
    • False Indigo
    • Common Lilac
    • Honey Locust
    • Bur Oak

    Don’t miss out! Contact the LWRCD today to place your order and secure your desired plants, call 463-0636 or stop by the office at 625 E. Madison, Suite 1 in Riverton.

    For more information on the Tree and Shrub Sale and the LWRCD’s conservation programs, visit their website.


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