Healing horizons with Jeff McMenamy of Teton Therapy on The Lander Biz Show

    (Lander, WY)- It is time for another riveting episode of The Lander Biz Show, hosted by yours truly and the remarkable Owen Sweeney. In this latest installment, we had the pleasure of welcoming back the dynamic Jeff McMenamy, the driving force behind Teton Therapy. Jeff shares captivating tales of Teton Therapy’s journey, focusing on its Fremont locations while shedding light on its flourishing pediatric services in Cheyenne.

    Jeff McMenamy is no stranger to the realm of physical therapy, boasting an illustrious career spanning three decades. As the brains behind Teton Therapy, he has transformed the landscape of rehabilitative care in Wyoming since founding the company in 2001. What began as a humble venture in a remodeled garage in Riverton has burgeoned into a formidable network of clinics across Wyoming.

    Our conversation with Jeff delved into the heart of Teton Therapy’s success, particularly highlighting its Fremont locations. From innovative treatment modalities to compassionate patient-centered approaches, Jeff’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of Teton Therapy’s operations.


    Jeff also talks of Teton Therapy’s latest triumph: the launch of pediatric services in Cheyenne. From helping children overcome developmental hurdles to empowering families with knowledge and support, Teton Therapy’s pediatric services have quickly become a beacon of hope for families across Cheyenne.

    What truly sets The Lander Biz Show apart is the palpable camaraderie and infectious energy that permeates every episode. Whether we’re sharing laughter over shared experiences or delving deep into the intricacies of business success, Owen and I strive to create an environment where guests like Jeff feel right at home.

    For those eager to learn more about Teton Therapy and the incredible work they do, be sure to visit their website at

    Until next time, folks, stay inspired, stay driven, and above all, stay tuned for more captivating conversations on The Lander Biz Show.


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