Empowering Men: Conversations on Pelvic Health with PT Tyler Graham

    (Riverton, WY)– In the latest episode of the County 10 Podcast, we dive into an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of men’s health. Join us as we sit down with Tyler Graham, a certified Physical Therapist at Fremont Therapy, to shed light on the sensitive subject of men’s pelvic health. With locations in both Riverton and Lander, Fremont Therapy is a trusted name in the healthcare community, and Tyler’s expertise in this field is nothing short of exceptional.

    Pelvic health is a topic that’s typically shrouded in silence, making it difficult for men to seek the care and guidance they may need. However, Tyler Graham breaks down barriers and creates a relaxed, kind, and comfortable environment for discussing this vital aspect of men’s well-being. His dedication to providing a safe space for patients to open up about their concerns and questions is truly commendable. He shares his enthusiasm for the future, as he looks forward to incorporating this skill into his practice and continuing to grow and learn with Fremont Therapy. This episode promises to be an informative and eye-opening conversation that aims to lighten men’s pelvic health issues and empower individuals to prioritize their overall health and wellness.


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