#Activate10: Spread the positivity throughout Fremont County!

“Our community is large and wildly diverse, which is at the same time our strength and our weakness. #Activate10 is a movement seeking to increase communication between individuals and organizations across Fremont County and to promote positive action in our communities.”

There is a lot of uncertainty going through Fremont County right now and that can cause some mixed emotions. With nearly daily increases in confirmed cases and learning there are several hundred folks in our community self-isolating due to showing signs of COVID-19, County 10 wants to share a bright spot for those folks who need it most.

We will continue to add content to this post as we receive it from the community. Email [email protected] a photo, a note, a video, anything that you would like to share with the community to help keep the positivity going. We need each other more than ever right now!

Jokes from local kiddos: ‘Why do chickens sit on eggs? Because they don’t have chairs!’ and ‘Why didn’t the toilet paper cross the road? Because it got stuck in a crack!’ -Abby Irvine

There is something about a global pandemic that brings people together, even if we all have to be apart right now. We will get through this tough time together, and movements like #AWorldofHearts is what keeps us going. ? -Kirbie Despain

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