2 Fremont County residents have recovered from COVID-19, says Fremont County Incident Command Management Team

"Our Fremont County Incident Command Management team following its own advice on social distancing as of today. Even Public Officials can learn!" - Mike Jones

Below is the March 23rd update from the Fremont County Incident Command Management Team.


Daily Status:

  • Fremont County total positive for COVID-19: 10 (2 have now fully recovered and have been released from isolation)
  • Wyoming State total positive for COVID-19: 26

Medical advice from Fremont County Public Health:

  • Assume that if you have a fever and cough that you have the virus and should self-isolate.
  • Call our Fremont County Health Virus Hot Lines and follow their advice. They will begin their own follow-up calls with you. Use these numbers: (307) 857-3677 OR (307) 856-6979

The Fremont County Medical officer, Dr. Brian Gee (pronounced: Jee) is having daily conversations with local medical providers and is opening conversations with faith-based groups, public school leaders and the Wyoming Medical Society. Guidance conversations with Wyoming Public Health are ongoing.

Here is a graphic to reinforce the impact of social distancing. Please remember that even in open spaces to maintain the public guidelines for social distancing. Also, use the handwashing and hand sanitizing recommendations.

h/t Fremont County Incident Command Management Team

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