Wyoming’s newest police officer sworn into office

    (Pinedale, WY) – The streets just got a whole lot safer, and cuter, for our friends and neighbors in Sublette County, Wyoming.

    4-year-old Noel was sworn in as an honorary Junior Deputy this week.

    The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office described,


    “If you have been around Pinedale this summer you may have seen a different kind of law enforcement presence in the evenings around town. Noel, is 4-years-old and lives with his family in Pinedale, he has been seen patrolling Pine Street while driving his own custom Police Power Wheel.

    Noel was seen by many during Rendezvous and Fourth of July festivities where he joined up with Local Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers.

    Noel loves police officers and wants to become one when he grows up. He is already showing promise in serving his community and protecting others. The Honorable Judge Curt Haws held a swearing in ceremony for Noel in the Sublette County Circuit Court room this morning with his family. Sublette County Sheriff KC Lehr pinned an honorary Badge on his uniform with multiple SCSO personnel present. During the ceremony the Honorable Judge Haws stated “Its wonderful to be part of something positive”.

    After Deputy Noel was sworn in, he went straight to training and learned what it takes to be a police officer. Deputy Noel began by learning about full size police cars and followed SCSO personnel in a tour of the office. Deputy Noel met SCSO Detectives along with other personnel, introduced himself to the Communication Officers and learned about 9-1-1.


    Lastly, Deputy Noel learned about the Detention Center, booking, and even trained on how to handcuff prisoners. Public Information Officer Travis Bingham added “We appreciate these opportunities to connect with youth in positive way around our community. It’s refreshing to see kids interested in law enforcement as they are our future leaders and one day will be protecting this same community.

    We thank Noel for stopping by and taking interest in law enforcement, we wish him well in the future as he will undoubtedly continue to patrol the streets of Sublette County.”


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