Wyoming State Fair accepts Master Plan

The Wyoming State Fair Board is excited to announce that they have accepted the Master Plan that was developed to guide the future success of the Wyoming State Fair. The Master Plan was developed by Markin Consulting, LLC and Associates and was accepted by the Board during their quarterly meeting on January 28th. The goals of the WSF Master Plan are to increase year-round and fair time activities and revenues, as well as the redevelopment/reprogramming of the facility to meet current and future market demand. These broad goals and objectives serve as the underlying themes throughout the Master Plan.

“We are excited to accept this Master Plan because it provides a clear path forward for the fair and grounds throughout the year,” said Diana Berger, Chairman of the Wyoming State Fair Board. “A strong plan is a necessity to the success of the fair and this plan gives us a direction for success into the future.”

The creation of the Wyoming State Fair Master Plan was a collaborative effort with feedback from numerous stakeholders including the Converse County Tourism Board, Converse County Commissioners, the Joint Agriculture Committee and more. The executive summary of the Master Plan is available at www.wystatefair.com and includes the most economically impactful components of the plan and summarizes the direction that the Wyoming State Fair intends to head in the coming years. Some of the highlights of the Master Plan include the findings of the market demand studies, the Master Plan guiding principles, and Master Plan projects and phasing.


“The development of the Master Plan included intensive research and collaboration with interested parties from across the state which resulted in a comprehensive and complete plan,” said Courtny Conkle, Manager of the Wyoming State Fair. “There are some aspects of the plan that can be implemented immediately and we are thrilled to get to work and start the future of the Wyoming State Fair today.”

The 2020 Wyoming State Fair will be held August 11-15, 2020. For more information on the Wyoming State Fair and the Master Plan, visit www.wystatefair.com.

The Wyoming State Fair Master Plan can be viewed here: Wyoming State Fair Master Plan


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