Wyoming residents “extremely concerned” with education and health care; Increasingly concerned with pollution

    The University of Wyoming has recently issued a public opinion survey to about 600 residents in Wyoming.

    The survey was conducted via telephone, both landline and cell phone, with participants all across the Cowboy State. The survey was conducted October 9th through 13th.

    One of the focus areas of the survey was issues that residents were most concerned with in their day-to-day Wyoming life. Many of the categories dealt with conservation and natural resources.


    Participants ranked issues they thought were important on a scale that included a “serious” category and an “extremely serious” category. Here’s how the results broke down:

    1. Quality of public education for K-12 students (57% extremely serious, 80% total serious)
    2. A lack of health insurance coverage (49% extremely serious, 77% total serious)
    3. A lack of good-paying jobs (43% extremely serious, 82% total serious)
    4. Availability of water for farming and ranching (42% extremely serious, 76% total serious)
    5. Pollution of rivers, lakes, and streams (41% extremely serious, 77% total serious)
    6. Decline in numbers of big game animals such as moose and mule deer (41% extremely serious, 75% total serious)

    Additionally, conservation concerns that have increased the most from the last time UW did this survey in 2014, were:

    1. Pollution of rivers, lakes, and streams +23% more serious
    2. Loss of habitat for fish and wildlife +16% more serious
    3. Availability of water for wildlife and recreation 13% more serious

    You can read the entire report on this survey by clicking here. 

    49% of Wyoming residents in survey support legalization of recreational marijuana




    University of Wyoming survey
    University of Wyoming survey

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