Wild Wyoming Wonders: A Lander Biz Show Conversation with Joy Bannon and the Wyoming Wildlife Federation

    Lander, WY- In this special episode of The Lander Biz Show, we are thrilled to take you on a journey through our beloved Wyoming with a focus on the incredible work of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF). Joy Bannon, who is not just the Executive Director of WWF but also an integral part of our community, joins us for a heartwarming conversation. This episode will give you a warm and homey feeling as we explore the WWF’s deep-rooted connection to our town.

    For an astounding 86 years, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation has been a pillar of support for the sportsmen and women right here in Wyoming. They’ve been our voice, tirelessly advocating for the health and vitality of our ecosystems, ensuring that our outdoor opportunities remain intact. But WWF is more than just an organization; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share an unwavering love and passion for everything Wyoming stands for. They’ve become an essential part of our community, actively engaging in protecting our wild heritage through policy advocacy and local engagement.

    I can’t help but marvel at Joy’s authenticity and dedication to our community. Not only is she involved with WWF, but she’s also a key figure in the taskforce for the Rock Springs Management Plan. Joining me and my co-host Owen Sweeney, we’ll dive deep into the heart of what makes WWF so special to us all. As a conservation ambassador for WWF, I can personally attest to the incredible options to give back they offer to everyone in our community, including the mouthwatering wild game cook-off that’s a true delight. So, come along with us on this heartwarming journey as we celebrate the community spirit with Joy Bannon and the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Don’t miss this chance to walk on the wild side of Wyoming with Joy Bannon and the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. For more information, visit Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s website.

    Jess, Joy and Charene Wild Game Cookoff 2022

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