Tech Q&A with Wind River Internet “What is Fixed Wireless Internet?”

    Patrick Adam Lawson, Executive Manager of Wind River Internet and County 10’s Dallin Cooper sat down last Wednesday to answer tech questions from viewers and discuss the topic “What is Fixed Wireless Internet?”

    Fixed wireless internet is different from more common connections like DSL and fiber. Instead of using a cable, it brings the internet signal to your home via radio waves transmitted by a base station.



    • How is it different from satellite internet and regular broadband?
    • Limitations vs. benefits
    • Who is it right for, who is it wrong for?
    • What can slow it down? (#of devices, etc.)
    • Fiber Optic and Fixed Wireless Internet, what are the differences?
    • Updates on WRI projects and new locations coming soon
    • AND the ever-popular question “Can I get this WRI service where I live?”

    Some resources discussed in the show include:


    Fiber Optic and Fixed Wireless Internet

    Wind River Internet – (307) 857-2004

    Tomorrow’s (Wednesday, July 1 @ 2 pm) Tech Q&A live video is about “Internet Security & Privacy.”  To submit any tech question, click here.




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