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    Town of Hudson,

    In 2014, our family bought our first home and moved from Lander to Hudson, a difference of just about 12 miles. Not far so we didn’t expect there to be any significant differences. It was after we got settled into our new home with our growing family that we were told our dog was illegal. We had heard of breed restrictions in big cities, but didn’t ever know of any growing up in Wyoming. In 2014 and in 2016, we approached the town council to request a variance to the current dog ordinance to keep our family together, and we have lived with our dog for years now. 


    Recently Hudson implemented a Code Enforcement Officer, tasked with enforcing the town code adopted in 1996, and the current animal ordinance. The goal is to clean up our town and create a safe community. With this service being implemented we read through the Town of Hudson’s ordinances on their website, and I thought every Hudson resident should be reading them. 

    Our family attended the March Council meeting and approached our councilman and requested they review and update Ordinance 811 for animals in Hudson. We feel the ordinance has several areas that are worth looking into, but we requested they consider removing the breed specific language. I have been doing some reading and researching of my own, and I have not yet found another town in Wyoming that still enforces breed specific laws. When I asked other town’s what they do for enforcement – many of them cite that it is difficult and costly to enforce these laws, as shelters all around are at capacity. 

    We don’t think that responsible owners should be punished for taking care of their animals, no matter what they are –  but we also want our children to ride their bike and not be in danger. Codes and Ordinances are established for a reason, and we feel it is reasonable to have ordinances on vicious or aggressive animals, without breed restrictions. Together we can keep good pets home with their families. 

    I am asking Hudson’s residents to become familiar with the codes our town is beginning to enforce, and contact your councilmen or the Mayor of Hudson to have your voice heard. Our council does not share any public contact info – but you can contact the Mayor directly at [email protected], or you can email Kathy, our town clerk – [email protected] and she will forward your email to the council members. 


    The next Town of Hudson Council Meeting is April 9th. 

    The ordinance can be read here.

    Amber Nation


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