Tired of quarantine yet? Shane from Gambles has the cure – NEW furniture! Freshly sanitized and on sale

Hrey, rughs. Ifs Hayne frroom Caambbles…. wait start over. I forgot my medical mask was on…

Hey, guys. It’s Shane from Gambles. Things are tough out there…yikes. Our community is hurting – and life has take a bizarre little turn, hasn’t it? But, all our local businesses that CAN be open, are. We’re here to make sure that if you’re stuck in your home, you can be there with good local food and local products.

Gambles is open. We’re a little freakish about bathing in Lysol after a delivery and I have no skin left from washing my hands so much, but we’re open. If you come in, we just ask that you follow social distancing protocols to help keep our employees (and YOU) healthy during this pandemic. And wash those hands! But to be serious…we are cleaning and disinfecting continuously.

Here are 5 reasons why you might need us Gamble’s Goofballs right now:

  1. You’ve been stuck in your house and decided you HAVE TO redo “that” room. Whichever room. Actually LIVING in your house has caused you to realize that you have to have a different chair or couch or whatever. It’s okay, we got you. Right now, all furniture (bedroom, living room and dining room) is all 15% OFF the sale price. 
    • We just got a BUNCH of new sectionals in!
  2. Because you’re home, you now get nap time….more time in your bed has you realizing that you should have replaced those sheets AGES AGO. Our Malouf line of sheets sells cheaper here in Lander than on Amazon (really, go check….Google it, I dare you!). We’ve got 6 different styles of sheets, with samples (that we disinfect after touching) for you to choose from and lots of different purchase options….all at super low prices!!
  3. Instead of letting laundry pile up, now you do 187 loads a day just to pass the time….and so your washer and/or drawer goes “bump bump bump” like a pop star’s hips. We’ve got another round of HUGE discounts on our Whirlpool products:
    • Free pedestal with select Whirlpool sets
    • $120 off select Whirlpool washers
    • $150 off select Whirlpool dryers
    • $145 off select ranges
    • Save hundreds on various other Whirlpool appliances…the list is a bit long for here.
  4. You’ve got an issue with an appliance and you need a service call from a local – who washes his hands. Alot. That’s us. Just call. We even service Kitchen Aid mixers, but might not be able to come to your house for that ?
  5. You know you need something new, but don’t want to leave the house…give us a call. In fact, call me (yes, me – Shane) directly. I’ll answer your questions and give you a video call tour if you want….anything to keep you safe and happy with a new purchase. Call or text me at 307-349-0954 and we’ll connect. And don’t forget – we’ll deliver it anywhere within 30 miles of the store (that’s all of Riverton FYI), for FREE.

We’re offering 12 month 0% financing (with approved credit) during this sale. Sale prices will last through April 1st. Maybe longer depending on the state of things related to COVID-19. Give us a call with your questions!

Gambles is at 420 Main St. in Lander. They would love to hear from you at 307-332-3670 and you can also check them out on their website and Facebook.