Sneak Peek: A Look At’s Fiber Optic Internet Capabilities

With the advent of streaming and online games, not to mention more and more people working from home, it’s important to have the fastest, most reliable internet possible. As you may be aware, is actively upgrading their Fremont County wireless Internet network, and are hard at work installing the latest and greatest technology: fiber optic cable.

So what exactly is fiber optic cable? Basically, it’s a bundle of very thin glass wires that are bound together in a protective coating. The glass wires transmit data signals via light, which makes them extremely fast. Fiber optic cable can be buried underground or provided overhead on utility poles. Both delivery methods provide the same reliable high-speed connection for consumers. first introduced fiber optic internet, called “WyoFiber,” in Riverton in 2018. Over the past few years, they’ve worked hard to lay the framework for a new fiber network for the entire city of Riverton. During the North Federal highway project, they laid the necessary fiber infrastructure underneath the road that allows them to expand into other areas along that route. In addition, they now have infrastructure on both sides of Main Street. Having key fiber infrastructure on both major corridors in Riverton gives them the capability to branch off into residential neighborhoods, providing faster internet to many Riverton residents. To this day, they continue to look for areas to expand to throughout Riverton, and intend to bring fiber to other Wyoming towns in the future.


From a consumer standpoint, has made their WyoFiber services very affordable, with entry level packages starting out at $50/month! To better meet the needs of a diverse customer base, has multiple speed and pricing options in addition to their basic package. If you want to see if you live or work within’s fiber optic internet range, give them a call at 307-856-6400.


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