Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!! Experience the Riverton Wednesday Market and be amazed!

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If you’re wondering what things you’re likely to see at early-season farmers markets, come check out the Wednesday Market at its NEW location in Riverton City Park. You’re going to be amazed!

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs! There are several egg vendors with chicken eggs in a rainbow of colors, duck, and even goose eggs for sale! Fresh eggs make quick, healthy breakfasts for your family. Try a quiche or frittata on the weekend for a special treat. An omelet with fresh steamed asparagus and homemade bread (also from the market) makes a quick, nutritious mid-week supper that even the kids can make with a little guidance.

The Wednesday Market has several producers who make products in jars, great to have on hand in your pantry. Jeff and Janet have a wide range of homemade pickles…dill, bread and butter slices, and more. Their recipes are family heirlooms and will remind you of eating at grandma’s! A new offering this year focuses on hot! Sue makes jalapeno and habanero jelly, 3 different bbq sauces, and more exotic products to spice up your summer picnics. Others offer traditional fruit jams and jellies, sweet watermelon pickles and other hard-to-find treats.

Our local grass-fed and pasture finished beef producer is Lost Wells Cattle Co. They offer frozen beef every week so you can get ground meat, or a variety of steaks and roasts at the market. This lean, flavor-packed meat is healthier than the mass market, corn fattened meat found in major outlets nationwide. We are lucky to have access to Fremont Co produced and processed meat of this high quality on a weekly basis! No need to buy a whole, quarter or half beef and use all your freezer space storing it when you can get enough for your family’s needs each week.

This is just a small sampling of the products available every week at the

Wednesday Market, held from 5-7 in City Park.

You can also get burritos for supper, visit with friends

and enjoy the lawns and shade trees surrounding the market.

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