“Riverton Local Ladies” debuts on 10Cast: Wyoming’s Podcast Network

In 2017, Riverton’s local lady, Bethany Baldes started a Facebook page in an attempt to show off local businesses, highlight events, and help community members simply connect with one another.

Now, the efforts are taking shape in podcast form. Bethany joins County 10’s 10Cast, as the network’s second show to launch.


On the first episode of the show, Baldes chatted with three members of the Riverton Engagement Committee including, City Councilwoman Rebecca Schatza, City Councilman Cory Rota, and Committee President/R Recreation President Mary Axthelm. The four discuss plans for the committee, events coming up, and their hopes for the Rendezvous City.

Going forward, the Riverton Local Ladies Podcast will be released on Wednesday’s! 

The third show to join the 10Cast Network will be released on Monday! For a sneak peak, follow 10Cast on Facebook.

Listen To Local Ladies Episode 1!

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