Local business owner, students recognized on ‘Be the Impact Day’

    (Fremont County, WY) – Be the Impact Day on November 2 brought about the recognition of one local business owner and students from across the county.

    Three Fremont County Pure International Pageant participants, Angie Westmoreland, Payton Westmoreland, and Ke’re Merchen, spent a portion of their day visiting the award recipients, and thanking them for making a difference in their communities.

    International Be the Impact Day was established on November 2nd, 2020, and is part of the Pure International Pageants’ mission to do small acts of kindness for others or community service.


    “We, as Pure International Queens, are supposed to do our own Be the Impact project specifically for this day,” Angie explained. “Since we are always out doing acts of kindness and our national community service projects. We decided last year to start a new tradition on November 2nd in honor of Be the Impact Day to give out Be the Impact Awards to those in our community that shows qualities of a pure heart. People who stand out of the crowd with their kindness and giving natures.”

    Receiving the Fremont County Business Be the Impact Award is Mike Bailey and Bailey’s Tire and Oil.

    “Mr. Bailey is always donating time and sponsoring many community events such as FFA, rodeos, county fair, little league baseball, and many more community events,” Angie shared. So many that it would take all day to list them all. We just want to say to Mr. Bailey, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your generous and kind, giving soul. The Fremont County community wants to thank you and acknowledge all that you do for us.”

    Alex Mills from Shoshoni High School received the Be the Impact Award.


    Here is what the school shared about Alex: “Alex helps with everything we do here at Shoshoni Schools. From being an active member of Student Council, being a role model in sports by receiving multiple sportsmanship awards, to jumping in and being a line judge for volleyball. If we need him, he is there without questions. His efforts are even obvious from other schools who have sent emails of gratitude after hard fought games commenting on his sportsmanship and attitude on and off the field. Alex is one of the most kind-hearted and considerate young men. He is always willing to help out or lift someone’s spirits when needed. He makes this world a little brighter. Alex embodies the values that we believe at Shoshoni Schools.”

    Cora Remacle received the award for Wind River High School.

    “She has a pure heart and always has the best interest of all involved,” Angie shared. “Her fellow students cheered and clapped loudly when she was presented with her awards. She is in drama, cross country and track.”


    Tanner Walker received the award for Wind River Middle School.

    “He is truly a kind soul and nice to everybody he meets,” Angie shared. “He is in cross country, basketball and track. He is also the student body president.”

    Johnnie Washakie received the award for Fort Washakie High School.


    “He is just an overall good kid,” Angie shared. “Sweet and kind to others even though he is taking extra classes to ensure he graduates in May. He completed the Cowboy Challenge in 2021. He works hard and always aims to please others.”

    Kieran McCorley received the award for Wyoming Indian High School.

    “Always kind and goes out of his way to make people laugh and smile,” Angie shared. “He is also always the first one in line to help out someone in need. He is in basketball, cross country and track. He is also a student council officer.”

    McAye Fegler received the award for Riverton High School.

    “She is loved by her fellow students,” Angie shared. “‘We love McAye. She so deserves this award,’ said a freshman girl who was watching. She is kind, considerate and friendly to everyone. She is in two sports, National Honor Society and is the student body president. The vice principal said, ‘she is definitely a role model and leader.'”

    Elise Bott received the award for Riverton Middle School.

    “She is always helping others in the hallways,” Angie shared. “She’s the first to volunteer to help the teachers. She volunteers a lot at the library and also does a lot of community service in our community. She is in FFA, ETS and is Student Council Secretary.”

    Not every school in the county got back to Angie or wanted to participate this year. They are hopeful to have all of the local high schools and middle schools participating next year.

    Congratulations to all the recipients!


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