Lander’s mayoral candidates discuss future of community; Why they want your vote [Video]

    Both candidates for Lander Mayor met Thursday night for a community forum at the United Methodist Church.

    Candidates were given an opportunity to introduce themselves and discuss some of the key issues they’re running on, then were asked a variety of questions provided by moderator Ernie Over. A handful of the questions were taken from the audience and online participants.

    Monte Richardson was first to introduce himself, telling potential voters, “I’m not just ready to roll up my sleeves, I’m already doing it. With eight years on Lander City Council, and a track record of making things happening, and seeing projects through to the desired outcome. I am ready to lead from day one, our city and our citizens concerned with many things from the wastewater treatment plant system, to the Lander Police Department.”


    Andy Gramlich gave his introduction by listing a few credentials ranging from his role with the Lander Economic Development Association to working with area youth sports. He told the audience, “I bring professional management and leadership skills, which I’ve picked up over the years through military service, through corporate work, and through service on non-profit boards.”

    Over’s first few questions were in regards to Lander’s future and how candidates hoped to help grow the local economy.

    Gramlich responded, “For those of you who have traveled, every time you come back it feels like a warm blanket, doesn’t it? It’s a great place to be, it’s going to grow whether we want it to or not, I know there are people out there who want to it to stay the same way it was in high school. We need to manage that change, we need to partner with the right people, and bring ourselves into the next 20 years. Yes, it’s going to grow, we just need to control where we’re going with it.”

    Andy continued by discussing things he believed were important economic drivers, citing both reliable air service and broadband. He spotlighted “outdoor opportunities” as an area of emphasis for Lander to grow through tourism and relocation.


    Richardson agreed that Lander appears to be growing steadily, and noted the importance of keeping up with the infrastructure to support the growth, “Infrastructure, keeping them built up and be able to handle more growth in our city. Fixing our city so that we can maintain more people that can move in.”

    Monte also mentioned reaching out to the statewide ENDOW program for more assistance in future projects.

    You can watch the forum in its entirety by pasting this link in your browser:







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