#LanderBiz: New Lander business offers CDL virtual reality training and testing program

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    Talon Innovative Solutions owners Mary and Colt Murray developed the only commercial driver’s license (CDL) virtual reality (VR) and testing program in the US. Their software follows the federal CDL exam and measures driver knowledge before they get behind the wheel.

    Mary shared, “Information retention in a classroom setting is approximately 15%. Whereas, learners in the Virtual world retain a whopping 75% more information. We aren’t simplifying the test, we are making the information more retainable; which down the road means safer drivers with instilled best-practices.”


    Mary and Colt came up with the idea after being introduced to VR as a sales tool two years ago. Their CDL pre-trip examination software development has been in the works since November 2018 and was finished last week. They have already been receiving national attention from trucking companies.

    Colt has a CDL himself so they understand that getting one is a big deal. Their dream behind the software is to help Wyoming residents obtain a CDL faster and have gainful employment sooner. Once you pass the official federal CDL exam you don’t have to take it again unless your license lapses. Currently, companies must provide a truck, trailer, and an authorized driver for the pre-trip examination. This can take a few weeks to complete. With the VR software, you would study, do the VR training and testing and then take the official federal CDL exam.

    County 10 got to experience the program first-hand:

    The setup is very simple for the test taker. It includes only an Oculus VR headset and two hand controllers. Once the headset is on and you are in the program an 18-wheeler is in front of you. As you follow the program around the truck, questions from the federal CDL exam pop-up for you to answer. At the end of the pre-trip examination, your scorecard appears. It clearly lays out the areas where you incorrectly answered questions so you know what you need to study.


    Mary noted, “On February 20, 2020, a new Federal Law will require Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT). This affects prospective CDL holders and anyone who is upgrading their CDL to a higher class or applying for endorsements. Under the new rule, drivers must complete the mandated theory (knowledge) and behind-the-wheel (BTW) training by a provider listed in the new Training Provider Registry (TPR). The training must be completed and the certificate submitted prior to the driver taking the state administered skills test or prior to the knowledge test for the H endorsement.”

    Talon Innovative Solutions is rolling out its program locally. They can bring it to your facility or you can have a weekend experience with them in Lander.

    You can contact Colt directly at 307-349-7824 or Mary at 307-349-4822 with any questions or scheduling. You can also message them on their Facebook page.


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