Jim Allen asks you to vote for integrity in leadership

    Hello voters in House District 33.

    I am running for re-election to continue serving you in the Wyoming House of Representatives. I have worked hard representing you fairly and I believe I have done it honorably and prudently. Specifically:

    • I stand for integrity
    • I stand for the dignity of the individual, regardless of gender, race or circumstance
    • I stand for constitutional rights.
    • I have voted for responsible state budgets, and;
    • I take the job seriously.

    I am from a pioneer family with deep roots in the Lander Valley and Reservation. My great-great uncle cast the deciding vote in the Territorial Legislature for women’s suffrage. He also served as the Indian Agent at Ft. Washakie from 1889-1894. My grandfather was an outfitter. My uncles and aunts were ranchers. I am proud to have graduated from LVHS and UW. Our 3 daughters are all college graduates and are productive, kind citizens.

    Governor Mead joins Rep Jim Allen and daughter Jessie and wife Mary during the dedication of the Women’s Suffrage Pathway in Fremont Co.

    I support equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. I have employed women for 45 years and have treated them equally. Here are some of their quotes:

    Sarah-“I can vouch for that, as a former employee of yours, Jim. I also remember you proudly telling me that Wyoming was the first state to give women the vote. You’re very definitely pro equality! You put a lot of faith in me when I was a youngster, and in doing so, instilled in me a sense of confidence. I’ll always be very grateful to you.”

    Nicole-“As a past employee, I also attest receiving equal pay to other wranglers, men or women, with similar experience & knowledge. In fact, for years, I’ve bragged about Jim as one of the best employers I’ve ever had. Especially as a female employee. I felt he treated, supported, encouraged and mentored us as he’d want his own (at the time) young daughters to be treated out in the work-force one day. Wyoming couldn’t be in better hands than with Jim Allen.”

    If re-elected, I will continue to look at each bill and issue carefully through the lens of: Is it constitutional? Will it create jobs? Is it constitutional? Is it good for House District 33? Is it good for Wyoming? And, most importantly, is good for our children going forward?

    Please vote for me for honesty, integrity, positive campaigning and approachability. I am available at all times and I encourage you to contact me anytime with your concerns.

    Thank you,

    Representative Jim Allen, House District 33 cell 349-6784, [email protected]


    Jim Allen meeting with Shoshone Business Council members in SBC chambers to address economic development.
    Jim Allen attending Inter-Tribal Council chambers at Chief Tribal Court judge Terry Smith swearing-in ceremony

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